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Welcome to the website of Adamantio Dental Center. Our center was founded in 2004 by six very enthusiastic dentists. Not long after that our scientific team has grown, and now consists of 19 members. The philosophy for the establishment of the center is to offer all kinds of dental work under the same roof, thus reducing the treatment time without increasing costs.

The idea for the invention of our name came from the Greek words “διαμάντι’ (diamond) and ‘αδαμαντίνη’ (enamel). The first word symbolizes the purity, clarity and strength and the second is the actual name of the dental substance in the outer surface of the tooth.

At Adamantio Dental Center we can offer the full range of dental services because of our big scientific team, working enthusiastically based on the rules and ethics of dental science. Our members are encouraged to monitor the latest developments in dentistry, which is a continually evolving science. Many times more complicated cases require cooperation of more than one dentist, so at Adamantio we provide a group of dentists, each of which emphasizes on a certain field of dentistry, also cooperating with dental  specialists, such as orthodontists, periodontists and oral and maxillofacial surgeons.