Adamantio Dental Center

We joined our experience, our reputation and good name and created Adamantio Dental Center. Here we met in a spirit of cooperation and we set ourselves the objective of creating a modern center that has nothing to envy from those of major European cities. Our good name, scientific knowledge and experience combined in a large group, operating in a friendly environment, based on mutual aid and service. The collaboration of general dentists with a team of trained specialists completes the circle of our expectations.

We are the first big team of dentists in Cyprus. Our objective is the beautiful smile of all our patients. Vindication for us is the confidence and satisfaction of every treated patient.

Our center stands out for:

  • The comfortable and friendly environment
  • High quality and latest technology equipment
  • Comfortable waiting rooms and clinics
  • Private parking
  • The personalized care for each patient
  • Our good name

The treatment we suggest is of high quality and latest technology. The scientific training of dentists and specialists combined with their experience and high-tech equipment can guarantee the best possible cooperation with your doctor, who will recommend the most appropriate treatment plan for your smile. Our staff at Adamantio care to follow systematic ongoing training so that they have in their arsenal the latest developments and improvements in dental practice.

Power of many people together is to work as a team. At Adamantio Dental Center the power of team work and mutual aid has helped us to go even higher. Our team members work in a friendly and hospitable atmosphere, which welcomes our patients, so that they leave from our clinic with a smile on their faces.

At Adamantio Dental Center we respect the needs of the environment and driven by our ecological consciousness, we have joined and been certified by EMAS.

Our vision

Meeting the needs of our patients is at the core of our vision.  At Adamantio we place a strong focus on continuously improving the quality of our treatments and maintaining the high level of care we offer.  To ensure our patients can have full confidence in our services, Adamantio has undergone rigorous assessments by our international partners.

We have implemented and are certified with the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System in the Provision of Dental Care Services by Swiss Approval, and EMAS for Environmental Management of the European Commission.

Our Mission

Life-long learning and professional development never stops at Adamantio Dental Center.  It is not only a requirement, but also one of our core beliefs.  To quote the famous Canadian physician and one of the founding professors of the renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital, Sir William Osler: “A doctor is a student till his death, when he fails to be a student, the doctor in him dies.”

Our human capital is what makes Adamantio on of the leading Dental Centers in Cyprus, a position we are determined to keep by continuously investing in our talent.  Expanding our expertise allows us to ensure we are always up-to-date with the latest methods and best practices in our industry.

Oral health is an important factor in overall well being, and our mouth is a window into the health of our body.  Adamantio’s mission is to advise and help care for the oral and overall health of our patients, and to keep building on our success to offer first-rate services in dentistry.