Center for digital Radiography


Adamantio Dental Center has a state-of-the-art technology x-ray room, providing the opportunity of receiving panoramic and Cone Beam Computed Tomography X-rays, in a modern and pleasant space, with the contribution of specialized staff.

Always considering the patient’s health, pregnant women and children are provided with lead lined aprons. We also have a throat lead lined apron to protect the thyroid. 

The machines can move up or down, so patients with mobility issues can remain in their wheelchair. 

The exposure of an x-ray is minimal.

Dental radiography is used to diagnose or treat patients, by recording images of the oral region, to assess the presence or absence of disease and any structural damage or anomaly. They help dental professionals identify problems that do not show symptoms. They are essentially complementary, used by the dentist as additional aids for diagnosis, designing of a treatment plan or check-up of the oral cavity and can be requested by your doctor at any point if necessary.

Early diagnosis of dental disease is the best ally for both patients and doctors.